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BIOINSECTIS is a spin off genuinely specialized in the development of new microbial insecticides with improved insecticidal characteristics. Based on our extensive knowledge of the genetic structure and diversity of wild populations of entomopathogenic agents (mainly baculoviruses and bacteria), we have designed innovative active ingredients without genetic recombination that show a greater insecticidal potency and a broader spectrum of hosts. The enormous and unprecedented genetic diversity of the large number of original isolates, which make up our collections of entomopathogenic agents, represent a valuable biological arsenal that is being commercially exploited by Bioinsectis.


Thanks to our experience, we have developed quantitative methods, which allow us to determine the different relative proportions of the active substances included in the active ingredient, and tools for the selection of co-formulants, for the development of more effective insecticide formulations. In addition, we offer the service of characterizing, both from the molecular and insecticidal point of view, the viral genotypes or Bt strains present in the commercialized products as well as addressing the improvement of their insecticidal properties.

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The facilities where we work with viruses and entomopathogenic bacteria have been built according to our own specifications and provide a clean and aseptic work environment. Such environment, together with the experience and high qualification of the Bioinsectis personnel, reduces the risk of cross-contamination of the microorganisms which we work with.